United Industrial Holding Limited – Hong Kong (UIHL) is established in 2005 and is combining in it a list of the big world producers of original industrial components with firm reputation in the realm of metallurgy, heavy machine-building, auto and agricultural machine-building, electronics, tools, paper industry and wood-processing industry. Combining in bigger dimensions the possibilities of these productions, the company is becoming a modern industrial supplier, proposing flexible services to client from all over the world.

Who we are – in the portfolio of the company there are producers in the sphere of:

• Metallurgy – Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, South Africa, China
• Machine-building – Brazil, China, India, Russia, USA
• Electronics – China, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, South Korea
• Tools – Taiwan, USA, Italy, Spain
• Cellulose-papered – China, India

Why Hong Kong – the company selects for its headquarters one of the most prospering and fast developing world centers of the world business. Its transport and attendance infrastructure give us the freedom of flexible reaction to the needs of our clients, no matter where in the world are they situated.
Why the “missing link” – the service that we are most potent is the ability to propose individual solution for each of our customers. Solution that is strictly coordinated with the requirements of the client; with purpose on resolving a particular problem; long-term commitment for maintaining a high quality levels; price flexibility; well-timed transportation and logistic support for every production. Our policy is by executing this criteria to become the connecting link between the successful business of our partners from given region of the world and their successful approval and prosperity worldwide.

Who are our customers – the dynamics of the world market compelled the elaboration of a formula for a competitive and constantly developing production. The answer of that formula is UIHL – a company offering an effective service to big OEM customers of:

• Auto and agricultural production – Western Europe, Central Europe, USA
• Energetics – Western Europe, South America, USA
• Electronics and tooling machine-building – Western Europe, South Korea, USA
• and many more.

We from UIHL welcome you to a constructive dialogue with our technical and trade advisers, so we could propose a highly-effective solution for the development of your successful business!


Our Staff

George Sun Yun-WingGeorge Sun
Sample imageMarry Peng
Managing Director
Sample imageChris Xu
Chief Executive Officer
Sample imageCindy Kong
Sales manager
Sample imageNick Shi
Support manager
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